BOSS Logics live (SM)

A web-based suite of tools that can facilitate in-person and remote appointments, Proposal creation and management, Digital Branded Catalogs, and so much more. From CRM to payment capture, this fully modular system from BOSS Logics (SM) makes business a breeze.
Sell in-person, remotely, & passively all with one platform
Consolidate multiple tools into one central solution with all your products and marketing materials.
Create & Manage Proposals in a few clicks
Say goodbye to creating Proposals manually, and let BOSS Logics Live (SM) create your Proposals automatically.
Schedule your appointments & your days confidently
With calendar integrations, event planning, and more, you can schedule meetings without double-booking yourself!

BOSS Logics Live (SM)


It all started with a phone call
A trusted client wanted to reliably conduct sales meetings remotely with their Products and Marketing assets readily sharable. There was no solution available, so we started creating one.
Then everything changed
A worldwide pandemic put the majority of our other work at a halt, allowing us to work full-time on what would eventually become BOSS Logics Live (SM).
BOSS Logics Live (SM) hit the mark(et)
As the platform was developed, we became the software of choice for tradeshows, vendors, and retailers alike to allow sharing products and marketing collateral remotely in real-time to their customers.
BOSS Logics Live (SM) evolved
In turn, these clients gave us more inspiration for even more features. The system grew beyond merely hosting appointments to include CRM capabilities, scheduling functions, Proposal management and more.
Where BOSS Logics Live (SM) is today
From there, our Client base only expanded, and they continue to inspire us to build and create even more. Now, BOSS Logics Live (SM) is a suite of tools all rolled into one web-based app that can handle everything you need, from introductions to closing a sale.

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